Roof Ventilation Installation Ottawa


Roofing Ventilation Ottawa

At Taylor Roofing Inc we only work with the premium roofing ventilation manufactures and suppliers.

Ventilation can be an overlooked part of the roofing process. A key aspect to a longer lasting roof is the make sure you have the best rooftop ventilation. Taylor Roofing Inc replaces, installs and repairs roof ventilation with quality. Hiring a professional team to install, replace or repair your rooftop ventilation ensures that the work will be done safely and thoroughly.  

High performance rooftop ventilation systems are a key component to protect your home from weather infiltration, moisture, and heat damage, which improves air conditioning and heating efficiency at the same time. Improper ventilation can lead to ice damming, early deterioration of shingles roofing and rooftop materials, and condensation leading to infestations such as mildew and mold.


Trusted by roofing professionals across Canada, the VMAX CT is the best quality roof exhaust on the market. Designed to discharge kitchen range hoods, bathroom fan and dryers, the built-in damper opens to release the exhaust air and closes once released, creating a hermetic barrier, thus reducing your energy bills.

    The exhaust Vent for roof ridge allows heat and moisture to escape at the ridge
    This vent is used to ventilate the main roof area. The metal vent has a metal mesh layer on the inside of it, making it impossible for animals to enter. 

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