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Skylights brighten your home with natural light, saving you money, reducing your energy costs, and creating a pleasant atmosphere. With confidence, expertise, and certified training, Taylor Roofing Inc will exceed your expectations by installing ENERGY STAR™ approved Velux skylights. Enjoy quality and reliability with our service.


Fixed skylights are perfect for hallways, stairwells and other dark areas of the home. They visually expand the area while letting in light and views of the sky. If you are looking to transform your home with more natural light, this is a popular, economical option.


As the name suggests, these skylights can be manually pushed open to allow fresh air into the home. In return, the stale air inside the home is released, which promotes moisture balance. Venting skylights offer the same natural light as a fixed skylight with the option to open.


These skylights open with the touch of a button, which is perfect for high ceilings and those out of reach places. The best part? A built-in rain sensor will automatically close the skylight in the event you forget.


Solar-powered skylights include a solar panel that captures available daylight, which is stored and used to recharge the battery-operated control system. The control system opens and closes the skylight, so no electrical wires are needed.


As the name suggests, these skylights can be manually pushed open to allow fresh air into the home. In return, the stale air inside the home is released which promotes moisture balance.


Velux Sun tunnel Skylights are the most innovative skylight in the industry, designed tunnels that bring natural like every corner of your home without dramatically changing your space. The perfect solution to the darkest and most isolated parts of your home where large Skylights aren’t ideal and unlike the traditional windows our Taylor Roofing Inc can have the Sun tunnel installed in as little as three hours. Velux Sun Tunnel skylights work with all roof types as they are designed in ridged and in flexible when working around large obstacles.


Flat ceiling?
No problem!

Many people incorrectly assume that a flat ceiling means there’s no opportunity to add a skylight for daylight and fresh air. However, that is not the case. Here at Taylor Roofing Inc we can install with confidence, expertise, and certified training, exceeding your expectations. Transform your space with our high-quality flat roof skylights that bring in natural light, improve ventilation and offer energy efficiency.

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