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Improve your home comfort & reduce your energy bills with new insulation from your team of experts

With a broad range of products and services, we are your insulation experts for existing home renovation upgrades and new residential home construction—satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Taylor Roofing Inc team of insulation professionals complete a thorough inspection to detect air leaks, ventilation issues, condensation entilationbuild up, etc. A unique aspect of our insulation team is our state of art thermal camera that provides our experts with the ability to source all problematic heat loss areas.


  • Preventing Air Movement
  • Blocking Heat Loss
  • Stopping Moisture Collection
  • Sealing Air Leaks


  1. As homes age over the years, so does attic insulation. Summer and winter, homeowners will see telltale signs, which may or may not point to insulation problems. With attic insulation in Ottawa, there are some clear signals that will alert a homeowner that it’s time to re-insulate the home.
  2. When air-condition or heating is running continuously, and indoor temperatures fluctuate, attic insulation may not be performing to its fullest. As well, the home is likely suffering from an air leakage.
  3. When utility bills are unusually high (even when seasonal temperatures are extreme) its a sign that insulation is failing to do its job, and that air leakage in the building envelope is evident.
  4. A usual sign that insulation is not doing its job is the formation or icicles on the eavestrough. Ice forms along the roof edge when the attic insulation is either inadequate or underperforming.
  5. Moisture collection in the roof and attic is a sign that the space is too warm, causing air moisture to condensate and even trickle. Unattended, this can promote mould growth and rotting wood.

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    • At Taylor Roofing Inc.,our team of insulation experts initiates the process with a thorough assessment of your property. We employ advanced technology, including state-of-the-art thermal cameras, to pinpoint areas with heat loss, air leakage, ventilation concerns, and condensation accumulation. Our objective is to offer you a customized solution that addresses your unique requirements, thereby ensuring the insulation system operates at its best.

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