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We’re your best choice for re-roof and roof solutions in Kemptville. If you require roofing services in Kemptville We’re the best choice. We offer top-quality services! We provide efficient and reliable service. Choose us to be your top choice of Kemptville roofers to receive top-quality roofing solutions. We aim to make sure that our clients are happy. We’ll complete the work properly and with the proper method. We utilize the highest quality equipment and highly skilled employees for every roofing project within Kemptville as well as throughout Ottawa. Learn more about the reasons why Taylor Roofing is the top choice to repair or replace your roof in the city!

Kemptville Roofing Repair & Replacements

Do you need to fix your roof? It could be that your Kemptville roofing system requires a full replacement. You can trust Taylor Roofing as the top Kemptville roofing expert. Picking the right roofing firm is crucial because your roof is a vital element of your house. Our roofers offer the best roofing services in the city that will protect your home or office from potential damage. Our experts are skilled with a range of roofing options, like repairs and replacements to your roof and ensuring that your property is well-maintained and safe. There are times when roofing problems that arise in the city are solvable by repairing the roof. Ideal for dealing with particular roof concerns Repairing your roof is ideal when the issue is restricted to a certain portion, and only affects the area. If your asphalt shingles have been damaged, torn, or gone missing from a small area, opting for roof repair is the best choice. Not sure if your roof requires replacing or repair? Get in touch with us for advice regarding roofing solutions. We are experts in roof repairs in the capital city of Canada. We have a team of highly skilled Kemptville roofing experts to evaluate and recommend the best solution to your roofing requirements.

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    If the roof on your property in the city requires a total replacement, our skilled staff at Taylor Roofing is ready to begin the replacement process quickly. Are you unsure if your roof needs replacement? Look out for the signs that indicate it’s time to get a replacement for your roof:

    • Missing Shingles: Shingles that are missing If you observe the shingles have gone missing, that’s an indication that your roof needs attention.
    • Curling or Buckling Shingles: Shingles that tend to curl or buckle can be a sign of wear and should be changed.
    • Granules in the Gutters: The discovery of granules in the gutter shingles indicates that the roof is worn out.
    • A Leaky Roof: If you notice water spots on the walls or ceiling the roof could be leaky.
    • Sagging Roof: A sagging roof indicates structural damage and needs immediate replacement.
    • Sunlight Through Roof: Boards If sunlight is passing through the roof board inside your attic, it’s time to get a new roofing.
    • The Age of The Roof: The average roof lasts 20 to 25 years. If your roof is old then you might want to consider replacing it.
    • Mould Growth or Moss: The presence of excessive growth of moss or mould could indicate water damage and may indicate the need to replace the roof.
    • Flashing Damaged: When the steel around vents or chimneys is damaged, it could result in leaks.
    • The High Energy Bills: The rising cost of energy could mean that your roof is not insulating your home as effectively.
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    Residential Roofing & Roof Repairs Kemptville

    Looking for a reliable contractor to add a roof to your new home or need to replace, repair, or maintain your current roof? Taylor Roofing has got you covered! We specialize in all areas of Kemptville residential roofing.


    If your roof is in good shape but the shingles are old and worn, you have two main options. You can recover your roof, which is mostly a cosmetic fix, or you can choose to re-roof. Re-roofing involves adding a new layer or replacing the existing roof covering. This method allows professionals to check for and repair any hidden damage, ensuring your roof lasts longer. For expert re-roofing services, contact the specialists at Taylor Roofing!

    Roof Repair

    Roofs face constant exposure to the elements, which can cause damage over time. Whether it’s a small leak or significant damage, it’s important to fix it quickly to prevent further issues. Our experts specialize in residential roof repair and are ready to handle any repairs your home needs.

    Roof Replacement Kemptville

    Avoid major damage to your roof by having periodic inspections conducted by experienced roofing professionals. Professional roofers with years of experience can identify and address small problems before they become major problems. If you take care of your roofing, the more it’ll be able to last. We can help to keep your roof in good quality!

    Metal Roofing Specialists

    Kemptville Metal Roofing offers top-quality roofing solutions for your house and business. The durable roofs made of metal are constructed to last and offer excellent protection from severe conditions. With the variety of colours and styles, you’ll find the ideal fit for your home. Our skilled team guarantees excellent installation, as well as outstanding customer support. Pick our metal roofing for long-lasting and low-maintenance roofing that will add worth and appeal to your house. Call Kemptville Metal Roofing today to receive a no-cost estimate!

    Flat Roofing Experts

    Kemptville Flat Roofing specializes in offering top-quality flat roofing services for commercial and residential buildings. Our team of experts guarantees solid and durable roofing solutions that can stand up against the elements. We take care of everything from installation and repairs to routine maintenance using top-quality materials as well as the most advanced methods. No matter if you need a roofing replacement or simply a patch on the roof, Kemptville Flat Roofing provides excellent results that ensure your property is secure and secured all through the year. You can count on us for all of the flat roofing requirements.

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    If you notice any indications such as these on your property located in the city contact us right now to get an estimate of the cost! We are the best roofing specialists in Kemptville and surrounding areas, we offer diverse roofing services like the repair and replacement of roofs that are designed to make sure that your roof lasts and remains structurally stable. Trust Taylor Roofing, your reliable roofing firm and contractor in the city with top-quality roofing services that are specifically designed for your needs.